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Raising the bar for
good governance

We believe sound governance is what drives long-term shareholder value and business success. We are committed to practices and policies that promote fairness, transparency and accountability in dealings with all stakeholders and uphold the highest standards of ethics and legal compliance.


Corporate governance

We recognise that an independent, diverse and skilled Board of Directors is integral to an ethical business. Our Board, supported by various Board Committees and the Management Team, plays a key role in deploying robust governance policies throughout the organisation. Together, they are responsible for providing strategic oversight, monitoring performance, assessing and managing risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations, on behalf of our stakeholders.

Corporate behaviour

Governance is also a reflection of the core values that underpin an organisation’s culture. Our leadership is dedicated to achieving and sustaining the respect of our stakeholders by exemplifying the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct. As a result, ZEE is evolving into a more transparent, open and collaborative company, where creativity flourishes further and performance is viewed through a holistic lens.