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Our technology

On the cutting edge
of innovation

From seamless content streaming and highly sophisticated data analytics, to a robust ad suite and superior assets management, our technology sits at the heart of our content creation ecosystem. In turn, empowering us to better serve and connect with our audience.

Broadcasting operations

The nerve centre of our programming

We maintain one of the most advanced automation-based media architectures that receives, processes and delivers diverse content to 150+ countries as linear multi-format channels. Our broadcasting system is underpinned by five different satellites, a highly sophisticated storage mechanism and best-in-class network engines to deliver curated and localized content across geographies. Integrating seamlessly with the Broadcast Management System, this weaves commercial revenue generating elements with original programmes, live content and new movies, as well as mastered classic content, films and commercials dating back to over a decade via its massive archives accessible across continents.
  • 10

    post-production hubs

  • 290

    edit suites

  • 100+

    fresh programmes delivered daily

  • 490 hours

    of fresh content every week

  • 3,594 hours

    of content re-processed every week

  • 296,000+ hours

    of content stored

  • 150+

    countries served

  • 13 mn

    ad spots handled, generating ₹30+ bn in revenue annually

Broadcasting management

Mission-critical support for traffic and scheduling

Our homegrown broadcast management system is responsible for our media traffic and scheduling across the globe. Our airtime sales teams focus offering a wide bouquet of commercial formats, while creating new revenue streams like contextual ad insertion, ad replacement for local markets, leading and lagging commercials. The system also integrates aspects of content management, ad sales and marketing, besides ensuring compliance with applicable laws and protecting viewer and advertiser interests.

  • 100+

    channels served

  • 30,000+

    commercials carried out daily

Media operations

The one-stop shop for all of ZEE’s content

Our media processing centre is the largest of its kind in Asia, complete with state-of-the-art facilities for R&D, studio operations and digital asset management. The centre enables us to discover new ways of strengthening the content value chain and deploy new technologies for enriching the user experience.

  • 8 cities

    host best-in-class studio facilities

  • 200,000+ hours

    of content managed through a single interface

ZEE5 Ad suite

Upping brand engagement like never before

Our ad suite enables brands to reach a large audience base and build awareness in the right way. Our data insights as well as innovative ad formats provide a 360-degree solution for digital advertisers and brands looking to access their target audience. The ad suite comprises five tools, each with a unique approach on aspects like reach, salience, lead generation, segmentation, personalisation and measurability to ensure higher returns on marketing investments.