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LIVE Chats and Personalized Dance tutorials with the Masters, Skippers and the Super-Talented Brat-pack of DID L’il Masters – now on your mobile phone

October 13, 2017

With Zee TV's 'Knorr Soupy Noodles DID L'il Masters powered by Lotus Refineries' opening to the highest-ever rating of 5.8 TVR for its very first episode and soaring even higher on the popularity charts with an average weekly rating of 6.2 TVR in its second week of telecast.

With Zee TV’s ‘Knorr Soupy Noodles DID L’il Masters powered by Lotus Refineries’ opening to the highest-ever rating of 5.8 TVR for its very first episode and soaring even higher on the popularity charts with an average weekly rating of 6.2 TVR in its second week of telecast, the channel now makes the presence of its hottest-selling weekend primetime non-fiction show in the digital space stronger than ever before through the launch of a highly interactive WAP site and mobile application. With a wide array of interesting activities to engage the viewers and interactions with the popular judges, skippers and contestants of the show, the mobile application is bound to go viral in the digital space.

Following a successful collaboration for the mobile application of DID Season 3, Zee TV continues its partnership with MOBILOX Innovations Pvt. Ltd to develop the WAP and APP technology for DID L’il Masters. The DID 3 App set new benchmarks in the digital marketing space with 2,12,852 WAP site page hits, 18 Lakh page views and 14642 comments in the Live Comments section. The new WAP site will have exciting and entertaining features like personalised dance tutorials wherein skippers will coach you on their signature styles with tutorial videos unlocking for subscribers every single day. Viewers can even post questions and comments on each tutorial. The apps will let viewers chat LIVE with the judges, skippers and their favourite DID L’il Masters contestants, appreciate the best acts and vote for their favourite participants through an in-built missed call function. Viewers will be able to stay clued in to the entire buzz on the official Facebook page of DID L’il Masters. One will also be able to view all the Twitter messages and posts of all participants and judges on one page.

Mr. Akash Chawla, Marketing Head, National Channels, ZEE said, “Dance India Dance is a brand that is a favourite with viewers of all ages, especially the youth. The overwhelming response to the launch of the WAP site and mobile application for Season 3 of the show has only strengthened our conviction that technology engages consumers in ways that are addictive. This has led us to work on further enhancing the digital presence of DID L’il Masters through the launch of an all-improved WAP site. At a time when ‘on-demand’ entertainment is the order of the day, viewers expect content that is accessible at all times on the device of their choice. Viewers are also no longer passive. With increased levels of interactivity with brands, viewers are fast becoming co-creators of content, actively involved at every stage. It is, thus, imperative for a content producer like us to adapt to their methods to keep them engrossed and engaged. DID’s WAP/APP is just the start of this revolution!”

The launch of the mobile application for DID L’il Masters comes in the wake of an overwhelming response to the mobile application launched for Season 3 of Dance India Dance. Within 3 days of its unveil in March 2012, it reported more than 10,000 downloads and rated 4.7 out of 5 on the Android App Store – a very competitive score considering the fact that the Android store is an open platform and the reviews therein are all user-generated. The DID APP went on to become a major hit not only in India but also in countries like USA and UK along with 25 unique countries, reinforcing the channel’s belief that mobile marketing is the best way to capture the youth and the tech savvy generation of smart phone and feature phone users.

Said Mr. Abhijit Saxena MD & CEO of Mobilox Innovations Pvt. Ltd,“We are pleased to once again partner with ZEE for the new app after an overwhelming response to the first one. The media industry has the biggest scope of building interactive apps which has been evident from the success of the DID Season 3 app. But one needs to be very clear of the logical progression of the mobile property since majority of the serials are for a limited time during the year. The app need not be in a dormant stage ever, it has to be ever evolving, exactly like how the DID Season 3 app is now graduating to the Li’l Masters app and also retaining their existing audience.”

The launch of the mobile application for Season 3 of Dance India Dance made DID the first ever reality show on Indian television to be present as an application on all mobile/digital platforms. The mobile app designed for DID l’il Masters aims to take consumer interactivity in the mobile domain to an even greater high. By engaging with viewers, this mobile innovation will also serve as an effective feedback mechanism to track their responses. The App has been designed keeping in mind the youth of the nation who are very active in the social media sphere. The aim is to provide audiences with services and solutions with the highest quality, unique and valuable that will help them connect with DID L’il Masters anytime and anywhere. The thrill of having one’s favourite contestant come alive on one’s cell is quite something else. With the launch of the new APP/ WAP technology, DID L’il Masters brings ‘Umeed’ into the lives of the viewers by bringing them closer to their favourite participants.