The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We took our first step 25 years back with a simple idea - create stories that entertain, inspire, and touch hearts. We started small but success fuelled our desires, dreams and ambitions. As we moved ahead, the goals became more audacious and we challenged ourselves to do more. We achieved milestones which were not visible at the beginning and looked impossible even as we progressed. True to the saying, ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality’, our vision materialised only because it was shared by our partners and peers. Today, our 1.3 billion strong audience in 170+ countries is a result of not only our relentless efforts but also of the countless others who supported us on the way.

Our new brand ideology – ‘Extraordinary Together’, celebrates our belief in the power of working together, that we’re greater than the sum of our parts and from collaboration comes the strength to deliver the exceptional. Our mission to create extraordinary entertainment experiences for our audience could not have been achieved without the support of our employees, partners and peers, who had the faith in our vision and walked alongside us. At the cusp of our 25th anniversary, we reaffirm our commitment to work tirelessly with each of them, to create new benchmarks and deliver the extraordinary. Mosaic, an art-form made of innumerable elements, each of which is vital to the picture that emerges when they all come together, is thus a fitting motif for this report.


Quality content is the focal point for an extraordinary entertainment experience. This quality content is the confluence of numerous disparate elements, each of which demands careful attention. Creating content is an intricate and iterative process, entailing a deep understanding of consumers’ entertainment needs, rendering an engaging narrative, and bringing it to life. Each of these is a multi-layered process and requires a keen eye for detail. Whether it is a 5-minute video clip or a 3-hour movie, each piece of content is the result of the splendid work of numerous people, experts in their fields, coming together to create the extraordinary

The evolution and progress of content creation over the past 25 years is nothing short of a revolution. It is the culmination of the relentless efforts of scores of people who are passionate about providing a phenomenal entertainment experience. This has made it possible to present viewers with extensive entertainment choices. Besides telling stories, content has the ability to transport the audience to a different world. A world created by the writer and director with the help of the cinematographer, set designer and music director, amongst many others. The actor, supported by costume designers and make-up artists, gives life to these characters, creating an experience that the audiences can both enjoy and relate to. This content is enriched by the efforts of several people behind the screen including editors, technicians and support staff, all of whom add value to the consumer experience. Through the course of this journey, the production house plays a pivotal role, bringing this diverse set of talent together under a single roof.

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Our understanding of audiences, complemented by key partnerships with the artist fraternity, has helped us sustain our position as a leading entertainment content company. From 10 hours of original content in one language in the first week of launch, we now offer 500 hours of content every week across 12 languages. One of the challenges of being an industry pioneer was to build everything from scratch. However, this was intrinsically rewarding as it gave us an opportunity to be instrumental in creating the industry’s ecosystem and providing a launch pad for new talent. We are fortunate to have had several creative partners, many of whom began their journey with us, and over the years, have continued to instate their faith in our vision. Together, we will keep pushing the envelope to create extraordinary entertainment.


25 years ago, the launch of Zee TV - the first private Indian satellite channel - ushered in a new era in entertainment. Since then, entertainment landscape has evolved immeasurably, giving consumers myriad choices. This has been possible through the collaborative efforts of all our partners and peers, who have made unique contributions. Together, these efforts have led to creation of an extraordinary entertainment experience for the consumer.

It is difficult to envisage that the entertainment industry would have scaled such heights, in this short time span, without its meaningful partnership with the advertisers. The invaluable role played by this partnership in nurturing the content creation industry, starting from fledgling days, continues till date. Advertisers are our indispensable allies and we believe that this symbiotic relationship has been pivotal to our growth story.

Our distribution partners have enabled us to reach the vast audience base in India and overseas. An army of local cable operators, spread across the country, facilitated customer reach by creating the last mile network. Multi-system operators and Direct-to-Home operators elevated the customer experience to another level by leading digitisation and offering superior service. Telecom operators are now mapping new frontiers for entertainment consumption by offering affordable data and integrating our content with their platforms.

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The entertainment industry has continuously pushed the boundaries. As peers, we have kept each other on toes in the quest for consumers’ attention by creating richer content. The exemplary work of all our peers serves as an inspiration to us to enhance consumer experience and provide extraordinary entertainment, consistently.

Our 25-year odyssey that began with a single television channel, continues to be as exciting as we evolve into an all-encompassing entertainment content company. As a result of our relentless pursuit to satisfy the audience’s growing entertainment needs, we now have an exhaustive television portfolio along with a strong presence in the digital, movies, music, international and live verticals. As we prepare for the future, our zeal to achieve more is stronger than ever. Together, we look ahead at expanding these extraordinary partnerships.


An organisation is nothing but an amalgam of its people who define and shape it. It is the people who determine whether an organisation realises its potential. In the realm of entertainment, boundaries between art and science are blurry, innovation is the only constant, and balancing the interplay of local and global forces is paramount. In this milieu, the significance of the role played by people cannot be emphasised enough. It is only when a multitude of people with an innate understanding of content, supported by people behind the scenes, collaborate, that extraordinary results are produced.

The complex mesh created by the diverse backgrounds of our people is a microcosm of the diversity of our audience. It is fundamental to our ability to continuously innovate and evolve to cater to the varied and ever-changing entertainment needs of our consumers. Our people from different cultural backgrounds bring invaluable insights to the fore, in conjunction with distinct perspectives that are an embodiment of the diverse cultures and value systems. While everyone takes the onus of innovation, the experienced ones temper the radical ideas of the callow with their wisdom. People with experience in diverse fields, different nationalities, come together to create a workforce that is adaptive, motivated and equipped to succeed in today’s borderless market. The intrepid spirit and insatiable appetite for success of our people empowers them to achieve phenomenal outcomes.

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The fact that ZEEL today is synonymous with entertainment is attributable to the determined efforts of our people over the last 25 years. Starting with just a handful of people, today we house a team of over 3,200 from 22 different countries, mirroring our expansion across formats, genres, platforms and geographies. Over the years, we have worked with many more who are no longer associated with us, but have played an invaluable role in our growth. We have also been fortunate to be the starting station for scores of professionals beginning their journey in entertainment industry. These partnerships have given us leverage in accomplishing larger-than-life goals and a powering business performance. While we have come a long way, we believe our journey has just begun, and we are all set to be bigger, bolder, better.


It is imperative for every organisation to have a meaningful engagement with community, as consumers are inextricably shaped by it. However, for us, community is not only the audience but also a cultural and social melting pot, providing ideas and perspectives for exemplary stories that entertain. An organisation like ours scales greater heights only by nurturing a strong symbiotic relationship with the community. Its needs fuel our work and it is only when we weave in its varied ideas and perspectives with our creative energy, that we serve our larger purpose. Its diverse experiences and outlook enriches our content and keep us motivated to better ourselves. This belief is fundamental to our content creation process and has helped us stay both relevant and relatable.

Over the years, we have made it a priority to create content around subjects that are pertinent to our community. Our endeavour is to go beyond entertainment and bring change by presenting socially-relevant issues. Our stories have inspired the audience to challenge norms, broaden perspectives and embrace change to evolve into a better society. These stories, by making a small contribution every day, bring about a positive change. Our goal is to reinforce this effort with grassroots initiatives that bring about a measurable difference. Whether it is supporting the underserved segments of society in accessing employment, or educating women and developing their skillsets, our endeavour is to create a tangible change.

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At ZEEL, our desire to serve the community extends beyond the thoughtprovoking content. We earnestly abide by the principle that the measure of true success is when we are able to contribute to our community’s well-being. Akin to our content, our community initiatives are focused on relevant social causes such as education, rural development, empowerment, entrepreneurship, and preserving art and culture. We believe these initiatives have helped bring about a positive change in the lives of a few. When we continue our endeavours, however small, to make a positive impact on our community, will we be truly Extraordinary Together

Ekta Kapoor

"Zee and Balaji Telefilms started their journey almost at the same time. In fact, our first two shows, Mano Ya Na Mano and Hum Paanch aired on Zee TV. Over the years, we have collaborated for several projects and have had the pleasure of creating some of the iconic shows of our time."

Ekta KapoorJoint Managing Director, Balaji Telefilms

Priya Raman

"Over the last 25 years, Zee has changed the face of entertainment. The scale of its shows has become bigger and better. With content that is vibrant, intriguing and bold, Zee is a leader and dominates the living rooms of South Indian households. I would like to acknowledge Zee Tamil’s efforts in creating a fabulous character for me which made my comeback as one of the best orchestrated relaunches for an artist in recent times."

Priya RamanActor (Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam - TV and movies)

Ravi Jadhav

"Zee Studios has shown new dreams to Marathi cinema - dreams of growth, dreams of fame and dreams of prosperity. It has become a name which audience trusts for quality content. Zee Studios gives opportunities to new talent as well as reputed craftsman to showcase their stories, many of which have become an important part of Marathi cinema."

Ravi JadhavDirector and Producer of Marathi movies (Natrang, Balgandharv, Time Pass and Nude)

Supriya Yarlagadda.png

"Partnering with Zee Telugu opened up new avenues for Annapurna Studios. The creative freedom that a partner gets from Zee is what helps them deliver best results. Hoping that we will continue to work together and garner mutual success in the time to come."

Supriya YarlagaddaMD, Annapurna Studios

Sushant singh

"I credit Zee for making me a household name by casting me as the lead in their show Pavitra Rishta. That was a big move for me which acted as the stepping stone for my Bollywood journey."

Sushant Singh RajputActor (Hindi movies)

Ashok Tahillani

"When Zee started operations two and a half decades back, it transformed our business from a single channel provider showing only movies to a full-fledged cable company with a multitude of entertainment channels. Zee was the first to provide regional channels in Marathi and it remains the most important channel in Maharashtra. Our subscribers are very fond of the Zee’s bouquet of channels."

Ashok D TahilianiProprietor, Poona Cable System & Services (Local Cable Operator)

Harit Nagpal

"Zee is a brand synonymous with entertainment in India. It is admirable how they have captured audience’s imagination with the engaging content that they produce continuously. As the leading DTH player in the country, quality content is key to our offerings and their diverse content provides immense value to our subscribers. With a pan-India presence, Zee has been a valuable partner and we hope that we further strengthen our partnership in the coming years."

Harit NagpalMD & CEO, Tata Sky

Sanjiv Mehta

Zee in the 25 years since its launch has hugely influenced what India watches. With a deep understanding of the content that consumers in India love, Zee helps us in carrying the brand stories of our iconic brands to our consumers. We see Zee as a key partner in connecting our brands with the consumers.

Sanjiv MehtaCEO & MD, HUL

Uday Shankar

Star and Zee go way back, right to the early days when we used to work together. Zee has been one of the most prominent players in shaping how entertainment in India has evolved over the years. We look forward to collectively shaping the Indian entertainment ecosystem and driving industry shaping reforms for the benefit of the consumer and society together.

Uday ShankarChairman and CEO, Star India & President, 21st Century Fox, Asia

Viren Raheja

Zee’s foray into production of local content has been one of the important drivers for accelerated development of Indian cable and satellite industry. Its content connects with audience across demographics, cultural backgrounds and languages. Hathway, being one of the largest cable companies, sees Zee as an invaluable partner in our quest to serve our consumers.

Viren RahejaNon-executive director, Hathway

Anuradha Gudur

At Zee, individual capability building, team collaboration, and motivating organisational support helps people convert dreams into reality. In my years of experience with Zee Telugu, the opportunity to decide on clutter breaking ideas at individual and team level has helped us reach the leadership position. Employees here are provided with an entrepreneurial platform to deliver and taking responsibility for the choices made has always been more important than success or failure

Anuradha GudurBussiness Head – Zee Telugu and Zee Cinemalu

Ashok Dhisle

When I started 25 years ago as an executive in the Quality department, the broadcast was done from Hong Kong and we used to send the shows 15 days in advance for up-linking. Today, I head the same department, and the landscape has changed drastically. Thanks to Zee, which gave me new opportunities year after year and acknowledged my good work, I can look back at my career with pride. I am fortunate to be a part of the extraordinary growth journey of the Zee family.

Ashok DhisleHead, Technical Quality Contro

Maria Liza

The greatness of Zee lies in the people that work for the company. Every employee’ s contribution is recognised and rewarded. Based overseas, I know the top management is always available should I need anything. Challenges, advice and support given to me over the years inspires me to do even more.On a personal note, working for a company you love(and loves you back) does not feel like working at all. I always come home happy and that makes my family happy too.

Maria Liza Young GintingCountry Head, Indonesia and Philippines

Sachin Rumde

I joined as a management trainee in June 2000. It’s been a long journey, but is still as exciting. The way the organization has grown, provided a new challenge and opportunity almost every day. This place gives freedom to learn, explore, experiment, make mistakes and above all the freedom to be yourself. Hence, despite growing into a huge media conglomerate, its entrepreneurial spirit is still intact.

Sachin RumdeHead, Operations

Vanya Sanjar

I joined 2 years back as a campus recruit from IIM, Ranchi. True to the spirit of Extraordinary Together, my team made me feel like a part of the family. Exposure in different HR verticals has given me a chance to build broad functional expertise. The continuous cycle of learning, hands-on experience, guidance and motivation at every step energises me with aspirations of a long and enriching career ahead!

Vanya SanjarHR manager

aamir khan

By supporting Paani Foundation’s effort to reach a wider audience in Maharashtra through its vast network, Zee has shown that it believes in content that not only entertains but is also socially relevant, inspirational and motivational. I thank Zee, and the entire team of Zee Marathi from the bottom of my heart for their unconditional support. The sole purpose of Tufaan Aalaya telecast on Zee Marathi is to try to make the lives of people in rural Maharashtra better. In this attempt, Zee has shown its clarity of intent, vision and commitment to bring about positive social change.

Aamir KhanCo-founder, Paani Foundation (Bollywood Actor)

Lokuntla Padma

Lot of people promised us to help but with Lakshmi Devi Thalupu Thattindi, Zee Telugu lived up to their promise. They set up a flour milling machine for us as our prize and helped us start a fresh livelihood and we will forever be grateful to Zee Telugu for giving us a second life

Lokuntla PadmaManugooru (Khammam district)

Manasi Bhalerao

I was a working woman but after marriage I got busy in life with my kids and husband. My husband didn’t allow me to work. One day, I went for Zee Marathi’s Jagruti event and then I realized that my life should not be dependent on others. After that I started my own mess and now I earn enough money.

Manasi Jitendra BhaleraoThane District in Maharashtra

Prakash Mukt

I was unable to get a job because of my disability and decided to dedicate myself to improving the quality of my farm output. Sarthi representative guided me to get a bank loan under the ‘Krishi Rin Yojna ’. I invested this loan to improve the output through new farming techniques. With the help of improved farming output, I was able to own a small grocery shop as well.

PrakashBogawa in Dhar District in Madhya Pradesh