At ZEEL, we are committed to engaging with the community to create a long-term social impact. We are expanding our social footprint with an aim to drive change in the spheres of education, citizen empowerment, community development, and preservation of culture and national heritage. Apart from assisting underserved communities through our CSR initiatives, we also foster change through our content. Our shows have a powerful impact on our viewers’ lives and perspectives, and the social messages they contain bring about changes intrinsically.

Empowering India

Through Sarthi, Subhash Chandra Foundation’s flagship program, we aim to empower citizens, making them aware of their fundamental rights and linking beneficiaries to solution providers. Sarthi’s prime objective is to bring about a positive change through focused interventions in areas such as education, alternate livelihood, healthcare, women empowerment and social justice. Starting with the states of MP and Chhattisgarh, the program is being rolled out in Bihar and Jharkhand.


  • Interventions in education have helped over 5,000 people
  • Interventions in alternate livelihood have helped over 5,100 people
  • 1,409 people have been able to restart their education
  • 672 people have benefitted from skill training
  • Partnered with 434 sansathas to reach more people

Sarthi community outreach exercise at Bhilay village in Vidhisha district, Madhya Pradesh

Supporting early childhood education

We are committed to the cause of early childhood education and lend our support to Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad, a prominent, independent organization. It functions solely to achieve Ekal Vidyalaya’s mission of operating single-teacher schools in marginalized communities.


  • Ekal Vidyalaya has reached 58,000 villages across India since inception
  • Boosted livelihood for women in villages by offering opportunity to work as Ekal acharayas in schools

Ekal is significantly impacting girl child education in rural areas

Building Social Infrastructure

We are bolstering marginalized sections of the society through Rashtriya Sewa Bharti (RSB), an NGO that implements welfare and social service programs. Through its initiatives, RSB focuses on women’s empowerment, child welfare, skill training and other pertinent issues. ZEEL is honored to contribute to the Prakashanand Sewa Dham project, which is working towards developing a training facility and an auditorium in Delhi. This facility will help RSB conduct training sessions for partner organizations.


  • Facility with seating capacity of 450 people, who can learn and grow together.
  • Trained on subjects such as social research, women empowerment, and skill development

Zee Cinema organises a special telecast of Dangal

Zee Cinema tailored the premiere of the movie Dangal keeping in mind audiences with hearing and visual impairments. By effectively using nodialogue and no-song gaps to describe scenes in detail, Zee Cinema was able to offer audiences with impairments an equally enjoyable experience. This track was specially recorded and audiences could access it via their remote controls. Besides, the channel also crafted Hindi subtitles for SD, and English subtitles for HD channels without any overlays to offer a seamless experience for audiences with a hearing impairment.


  • Zee Cinema reached over 3,000 visually-impaired viewers
  • Partnered with 7 organisations working for the differently abled, to host preview screenings of Dangal

Zee Marathi Jagruti empowers women of Maharashtra

Zee Marathi Jagruti, a CSR initiative by Zee Marathi, has helped emancipate women by equipping them with knowledge. As of this year, Jagruti has been able to provide aid to women in 16 areas of Maharashtra. In its first phase, this project focused on helping women understand the basics of health and nutrition with guidance from a professional nutritionist. Moving forward, Jagruti introduced women to the internet by launching its own website. As a part of the initiative, women were educated using tutorial videos that feature actors from Zee Marathi’s shows. Most importantly, this project has helped enhance the skillset of women. In an effort to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit, Jagruti offered insights on business finance, self-defense, arts, craft and cooking workshops.


  • Touched the lives of over 8,000 women
  • Over 6,000 women learnt the basics of health and nutrition
  • 3,500+ women were introduced to the internet

Zee Telugu launches Lakshmi Devi Thalupu Thattindi to strengthen livelihoods

With its show Lakshmi Devi Thalupu Thattindi(Goddess Lakshmi has knocked on your door), Zee Telugu helped people from the marginalized pockets of society overcome their financial struggles.The channel invited families to participate in this programme and extend a helping hand by way of prize money.Through this innovative show, Zee Telugu was able to help hundreds of families in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.In fact, ZEEL’ s association with these families goes beyond the show too. The makers of Lakshmi Devi Thalupu Thattindi made it a priority to stay in touch with these families and ensure that they have been able to uplift their lives in a significant way


  • 170 families across 20 districts benefitted
  • Families were able to establish a source of livelihood using the prize money by starting tiffin centres, grocery stores, etc.