The art of entertaining requires creative judgement to select stories that will connect with the audience and deliver it in a way that will delight them. While the creative exercise is not amenable to measurable parameters, with years of experience and institutional learnings we have designed a process to reduce the errors of creative judgement in content making. This multilayered process, which improves with every iteration, also helps us in scaling up content production and provides a framework for content approach in new markets


Multiple facets of an individual’s personality coupled with the immense diversity of India requires us to create a range of content that satiates the varied needs of consumers. Hence, content creation starts with knowing who the consumer is and what she wants. At ZEEL, we have an extensive process which coalesces insights from data with socio-cultural nuances to understand consumer's needs.

  • Consumer dataConsumer surveys, focus group studies
  • Consumer connectImmersive dialogue with consumers
  • Consumer feedbackViewership data, social listening
  • Institutional learnings of over 25 years


For over 25 years, consumers have associated the brand ‘Zee’ with entertainment. Within the umbrella brand ‘Zee’ we have over 50 brands, each offering entertainment content of a different genre for a different set of audience. For instance, while the brand Zee TV is synonymous with an aspirational middle-class family, the brand ZEE5 Originals reflects vibrancy and vivacity of the youth.


Content platforms are a blend of consumer insights and brand point of view providing the framework for creating engaging content. The stories and characters created on these platforms resonate with the audience and helps them accept it as an integral part of their lives

In the past 12 months, around 1 in 7 concepts were shortlisted for review by the Story Trust


The Story Trust is a cross-functional team which evaluates the shortlisted concepts before greenlighting them for production. The team comprises of experts on the following:

  • Consumer Insights To bring science of data to content creation
  • MARKETINGTo ensure that content created is true to the consumer and the brand
  • CREATIVETo identify stories that audience will love
  • COMMERCIALTo ensure that there is a business case for every story from inception
  • Last year, around 40% of the concepts were approved by the Story Trust for production
  • The Story Trust was responsible for having 33% of new talent in these stories


While we have an in-house studio, we extensively work with multiple independent production houses. We follow a collaborative model for content creation where our content team jointly works with production partners to develop the concept and is closely involved in the day-to-day production process.

  • We bear the entire risk and retain the IPR of content
  • In our domestic broadcast business, each show has an executive producer working closely with the production house.