Improving the quality of employee experience is key, not just to improve our employer brand but more importantly, to deliver an organizational context where each individual is inspired to do their best. We have launched a series of initiatives that will improve the quality of internal service standards. Key among them are, implementation of Success Factors, a leading cloud-based HR tech platform that will help automate the employee-organization interface and deliver faster turnaround times; strengthening employee wellness offering and improving the quality and consistency of employee engagement. All these initiatives have resulted in ZEEL being once again recognized as one of the Top 100 Great Places to Work in India by the GPTW Institute.


Improving talent quality and talent pipeline is an imperative, not just for sustaining the performance that we have delivered in the last few years but more importantly, to ensure that the organization is prepared to successfully manage the disruptions that industry is witnessing. Capability building is a key focus area for the Company and in FY19, we have substantively increased the coverage and quantum of our learning initiatives. We have inked strategic partnerships with Coursera, KPMG Global Academy and other global institutions to create a pipeline of programs that will enhance and sharpen the skillset of our people. During the year, we piloted Culture of Experimentation (CoE), a program that enables teams to build systems and rhythms that encourage and demonstrate innovative thinking. CoE works on increasing the ‘generativity quotient’ in teams which leads to increased experimentation and therefore superior innovation. For an organization like ours, initiatives like these are of strategic importance and given the success of the pilot, a wider rollout is planned for the next fiscal.


As these initiatives gather traction and achieve internal salience, they have and will continue to collectively shape our employer brand and drive the external positioning of ZEEL as one the best companies to work in the M&E industry. To reinforce our positioning as an employer of choice, we are rolling out a campaign which integrates our corporate values and brand into a seamless narrative. It will articulate our brand offering to the potential workforce. We are continuously working to improve our employer brand through campus connect, integrated social & digital communication and Leaderspeak at important fora.

  • 1,327 employees covered
    under training programs
  • 12,272+ hours of


  • 17%
    30 years
  • 22%
    40-50 years
  • 58%
    30-40 years
  • 03%
    50 years


  • 31%
    0-2 years
  • 23%
    5-10 years
  • 32%
    2-5 years
  • 14%
    >10 years