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Inspiring stories form an important part of entertainment themes all over the world, providing stimulus to people to think beyond the apparent. They evoke emotions and encourage actions to unleash their full potential. When the protagonists of these stories withstand untold hardships and sufferings to achieve their goals, they become heroes whom spectators look up to. Their energy, courage, resilience, determination, and fighting spirit fascinate audiences and they emerge as their role models. A story of an individual realising her dreams spawns a million new aspirations. Humanity has withstood real-life tribulations by drawing motivation from inspirational entertainment.

In its storytelling journey, ZEEL has rendered tales of inspiration, picked from the lives of real people or inspired by their stories. The characters of these narratives have personified positivity, passion, single-minded pursuit of goals, zeal to excel, selfless dedication to a cause, resilience, and many other such positive emotions. These abstract elements of inspiration have reached the audience as tangible messages of motivation – house-maid of a music maestro rises to national fame through her sheer desire to succeed, a strong-willed plus-size young lady shows the youth how to achieve big things in life by overcoming limitations, and a girl with a passion for studies and Kabaddi overcomes adversities to become a real-life role model. ZEEL reaches out to audiences across the country with such stories, showcasing possibilities outside the realm of the ordinary.


The lack of time and willingness to understand each other's positions worsen the situation, until mutual disapproval becomes the norm.

It is only when people get a fair perspective of each other's lives, that it becomes possible to convert mutual disapproval into mutual understanding. When one understands the other, even differences become amicable. What follows is settlement, a state of harmonious co-existence where the difference in thoughts, actions, practices, and customs are met with respectful deference. It helps people to celebrate the differences and meet half-way on the bridge that stands firm on the foundation of mutual understanding. Confluence of thoughts from varied backgrounds has been the driving force for the evolution of any society. This idea is even more relevant for a diverse country like India with a multitude of sub-cultures.

The central idea that mutual understanding helps people from disparate backgrounds connect finds vivid forms of expressions in creative stories ranging from poetry to plays. In fact, entertainment has played an important role in subliminally reconciling differences. Through its content, ZEEL portrays wide-ranging concepts which capture the diversity of cultures, explore lives of people in minority and tell stories that look inconsequential at first glance - a community with non-conformant sexual preferences fighting for their rights, a young girl from a village starting life in a big city without giving up on her core values amidst external influences, and an understanding and supportive husband helping his wife to overcome a traumatic past tinged by sexual assault. As an entertainment content company with pan-India presence, ZEEL brings these stories from every corner of the country.


Entertainers have always made earnest efforts to understand change first-hand and prepare palatable narratives that help drive it. Through its portrayal of contemporary social mores and norms, entertainment has triggered small but gradual changes in attitudes, beliefs and convictions. It has also played a very effective role of holding a mirror to society and continuously shaped the list of what is considered ‘acceptable'. Incessantly chipping away at the ideas that have become irrelevant and presenting the ones that are not yet mature for adoption by the masses, entertainment subtly introduces its audiences to change. Be it women empowerment, gender equality, same-sex relationships, unconventional career choices, or unusual lifestyles, entertainment personifies progressive thinking in its true spirit.

Unparalleled cultural exchange, blurring of geographic borders, boundary-less knowledge, and technological revolutions in everyday life have triggered new individualistic trends. As an entertainer, ZEEL has been cognizant of these trends and it creates stories that give change a people's perspective. A young girl who strongly believes in financial independence and equal rights for women enters a business-line considered a male bastion, a female continuously rejected in life because of her looks inspires a whole generation of women to appreciate their talents and not the appearances, and a surrogate mother tackles society's prejudices and gender stereotypes. To some these might look trivial, but for a country like India with a varied socio-cultural milieu, these represent a big leap.