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CSR Focus Areas

September 11, 2017

At ZEEL, we have chosen specific focus areas in which to deploy our CSR contributions with a view to making substantive, long term impact.

Women and Girls
ZEE has had a track record of championing the cause of women & girls through progressive, women-centric storytelling; both through its entertainment platforms and through meaningful social outreach. ZEE aims to improve health outcomes, health seeking behaviour, performance in children’s education, economic well-being and social mobility of families and communities. Key areas of focus for the Company are Women’s Health, Education, Skilling and Entrepreneurship.

Protection and Preservation of our Arts, Crafts, Culture, National Heritage & Monuments
ZEE cherishes its role in propagating and celebrating Indian culture. As content creators, we have relied on stories that bring out the richness of our civilisation and the beauty of our customs for establishing a strong connection with our viewers. Our appreciation for our rich culture motivates us to give back by supporting initiatives that serve to preserve and protect our arts, crafts & culture. The Company actively focuses on Restoration and Preservation of India’s Culture by partnering and associating with leading NGOs.

Disaster Relief & Recovery
While disasters do not discriminate, their impact on the most vulnerable sections of the society is cataclysmic. It is important that we stand up and be counted as responsible members of society during such disasters. ZEE is committed to aiding all relief and rehabilitation efforts in the event of natural or any other disasters in any part of the country.

Employee Volunteering/Contributions
ZEE aims to create a virtuous cycle of positive engagement and impact through our employees acting as units of change. ZEE regularly encourages community engagement by matching employee contributions to central/state notified funds during natural calamities/disasters or to NGOs identified by employees.

Integrated Rural Development
ShapeZEE prioritizes Integrated Rural Development in order to improve lives and livelihoods especially in the rural areas. The Company constantly works with leading NGOs from time to time to generate a positive social impact in the rural ecosystem.

Organic Food Development
There is strong need to create a healthy India that consumes healthy, nutrition-rich and chemical-free food. ZEE regularly works with reputed NGOs across the Country to encourage organic food development for the benefits of citizens at large.