Towards an evocative ZEE brand


Twenty eight years ago, we started with a single channel, Zee TV, beaming unique shows and curated content to a largely South Asian audience hungry for new-age entertainment. Over time, we expanded into a multinational colossus that straddles the Media and Entertainment industry, creating innovative content for a discerning audience and uniting the world through entertainment. We celebrate the fact that with effort and conviction, we can create gold out of the ordinary.

Everything that we create, not only has to be better than what was, but it has to be extraordinary, everyday.Because we inspire to go beyond, it’s not a goal, it’s a standard. It’s not for any particular individual. It’s for everyone.

We know that when we create the extraordinary everyday, With our audiences, our people, our partners and our stakeholders, only then will we be Extraordinary, Together.

We are stronger together

We believe in the power of We.
Sum > Parts
We are here to take everyone with us. We lift each other up in life.

We are stronger together



We celebrate the world


The world is a wonderful, colourful place. We paint fabulous pictures and narrate terrific stories.






We mean business


The Entrepreneurs, The Disruptors, The Originals, We’re restless for the new and the next. We make resources multiply.


We are stronger together





We inspire to go beyond


Help find your full potential. Trust ordinary to reach extraordinary. We turn base metal of life into gold.






Our Purpose

Create the Extraordinary






Extraordinary entertainment

Entertainment is the most powerful form of inspiration on the planet. We are the powerhouse of creativity. We tell extraordinary stories, every time.






Extraordinary you

We believe we’ve all got the power to transform our lives. We want people to transcend the ordinary and become extraordinary. We want to create extraordinary experiences that inspire this leap.






Extraordinary Possibilities

Inspiring you to be the best you can be. Creating an extraordinary world of opportunities. Partnering an extraordinary journey.






Extraordinary Results

Consistently extraordinary. Benchmark setting ebita delivery. Outperforming markets every time.